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Is There Anything Liberals & Conservatives Can Agree on?

There’s no denying that we’re living in a politically divisive time. But are we so fractured as a nation that Republicans and Democrats can’t find any common ground? Well, take heart…there is one thing that seems to show some consensus. Where we shop online.

Before you start expecting to see your fellow Americans gleefully joining hands and singing “Kum Ba Ya,” differences do still exist. But the similarities are definitely there. And, hey, in these contentious times, that’s a step in the right direction!

Here are some interesting observations from the research we ran, showing both similarities and differences, as well as some state-specific surprises.



  • The top three brands for shop are the same for Red and Blue states: Kohl’s, Walmart, Target.
  • Amazon is in the top five for both Red & Blue States.
  • Target and Walmart are both a favorite in deep red and deep blue states.


  • Red states shop travel sites more often than Blue states, with many Red states rating brands like Tripadvisor, Hotels.com, Orbitz, Advantage Rent-a-Car in their top three.
  • Red states seem to prefer DIY projects over Blue States, with brands like Home Depot, Lowe’s and several arts & crafts stores falling within their top three.

State-specific surprises:

  • Despite the fact that Amazon is headquartered in Washington State, it’s not in their top three picks. In fact, it doesn’t even fall into the top 10! What are your guesses on that one?
  • In California, See’s Candies surprised us by making its way into the top three. OK, Californians, how much chocolate do you actually eat?
  • Who would’ve guessed that Utah rented so many cars? Both Advantage Rent-a-Car and Thrifty Car Rental are in their top three.

The conclusion? Apparently we are not as divided as we might think. That’s good news! Perhaps it even gives us an open pathway for greater understanding and unity in the future…even if it starts with, “Hey, where’d you find those fabulous shoes!”

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