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Staples Saving Tips

We know how important it is to save every day. Staples makes it easy, but we wanted to make it easier. Shop knowing how to get the bigger deals and discounts at Staples with our top guide. 

Check for coupons and promo codes before you buy 

Staples offers regular discounts and promo codes on a variety of products. You can find these promotions online, in their Weekly Ads, or right here. We compile all the coupon codes currently available at Staples to make it easy to save when shopping in-store or online. 

Coupon codes do come with terms and conditions and you can’t usually combine them with any other offer. If the sale price or another special promotion gives you a bigger discount than one of the coupons, always use the discount code that gives you big savings. 

Sign up for rewards or spend $30 to get free shipping

Standard shipping costs $9.95. To avoid this high shipping cost, you will need to spend more than $30 after promotions. You can get free shipping as a Base+, Premier, and Elite rewards member. Premier and Elite members get free 1 – 2 day delivery. 

Avoid the $9.95 handling fee 

UPS and FedEx now both charge a handling fee for orders that weigh greater than 50lbs. If your order is large and exceeds this weight, Staples may recommend splitting your order into two so that you don’t have to pay this fee. 

Sign up for rewards 

Signing up is free and easy. You can sign up online by creating an account. Currently, there is a promotion running that gives all new members Base+ membership instead of Base. Base+ gives you free standard delivery on all orders, as well as other big benefits like 2% rewards back, the ability to get $2 per ink cartridge in rewards back up to 10, and special promotions sent to your inbox. 

Rewards every member enjoys at Staples 

Every member receives exclusive promotions and coupons sent to your email. Once you enter a new tier you automatically remain in that tier for 12 months. The only time you won’t remain in that tier is if you reach the next spending milestone and are upgraded. 

Base Rewards 

  • 2% rewards back on your purchases 
  • $2 per recycled ink cartridge (up to 10 per month) 
  • Free standard shipping over $30

Base+ Rewards 

  • 2% rewards back on your purchases. 
  • $2 per recycled ink cartridge (up to 10 per month)
  • Free standard shipping

Premium Rewards 

  • 5% rewards back on your purchases 
  • $2 per recycled ink cartridge (up to 20 per month) 
  • Free 1 – 2 Day Delivery 
  • Expedited return process 
  • Bonus sales events 
  • $25 off Print and Marketing Services per year 
  • $20 off Tech stores per year

Elite Rewards 

  • All the Premium rewards. 
  • Free monthly samples.
  • Service from the priority customer service team

Sign up for Classroom Rewards 

Download the Staples Connect app to help teachers and schools save. This rewards program works alongside your rewards program. It costs you nothing to start building up rewards that you can then donate to local teachers and schools. Though this tip doesn’t help you save, it can help teachers and schools save on supplies and, in turn, can help your child and community. 

Stay on top of sales with the Weekly Ad 

Every week Staples publishes its next Weekly Ad. This Weekly Ad contains all the current sales and deals you can find in-store. It’s useful to stay up-to-date with the weekly ad if you run a small business or have a lot of bookkeeping to do at home. You can find sales throughout the store. Shop discounts on stationery, printing, tech, and even furniture. 

You can subscribe to this Weekly Ad and get the recent news delivered directly to your inbox. You can check here for all the latest sales and promotions in one place. 

Shop Sundays 

New sales start on Sundays. By shopping Sundays, you can shop both the last day of old sales and the start of new sales. If there is a special deal that is only available while stock lasts, this is how you can grab the deal before it is gone. 

Some stores do offer rain checks on sale items if they do go out of stock, but this isn’t company policy, and you may find rain checks to be inconsistent. 

Shop during the big Back to School Sale 

The big sale at Staples is the Back to School Sale. This multi-month sale starts in July and ends in September. You can find massive deals on back-to-school and office essentials. Check-in for their big discounts, like 50% off backpacks. You can save more than 50% by shopping the penny sales on select products. 

Save with Auto Restock 

You can save on essential office supplies by shopping at Staples’ Auto Restock. This allows you to buy large bulk orders of essentials and set up a schedule so that your team never runs out. Skip deliveries, modify the frequency of deliveries and cancel easily online through your account. 

Save on tech by shopping the refurbished collection 

Online Staples offers many big-name brands up to 45% off in their refurbished section. Staples are an authorized refurbished for many brands. All products bought in the refurbished section also come with a 1 year warranty. 

You can save on laptops, audio systems, printing systems, and more by shopping refurbished. 

Price match and get a discount at Staples 

You can get a discount on top of the price match when shopping at Staples. Price matching is only available when the competitor has a brick-and-mortar store (so not Amazon or eBay). Not only will you get the item price matched, you will get an additional percentage off. The amount you get off is 10% off the price difference. If the difference is $3, you will get an additional $0.30 off the price.