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When to Save and When to Spend: Women’s Fashion

We’ve all heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” But how often do we apply this to our everyday fashion item purchases, and when should we? There is a time for everything, including when to save money and when to spend it. We’ll help break down what items to spend money on and which ones to purchase for cheap.

Fashion is temporary and expensive, style is timeless and affordable. And we’d all rather still have money in our wallets at the end of the day. But when fast fashion is incredibly popular and trends seem to change every day, which pieces of clothing do we spend money on and which do we choose to save money? Lucky for you, we’ve listed which items in your wardrobe you should splurge on and which ones you can save some cash on.

Save: Swimsuits

Unless you wear a swimsuit for work everyday or live on a tropical island (lucky you!), you probably only wear a swimsuit an average of 10 times per year. A cheap swimsuit will probably last just as long, and save you money that you can spend on the things you wear all the time. Be sure to use these Swimsuits for All coupons, offers and deals.

Spend: Jeans

Your jeans probably get a lot of wear so it may be tempting to stock up on cheaper pairs. However getting one or two quality pairs that fit you like a glove, make you look good and last for years is worth the higher price tag. Re/done, AYR and J Brand all have great options in styles that will fit you best. Be sure to check out these J Brand coupons, offers and deals to save a little money on this splurge.

Save: Party dress

Nighttime events last a few hours and don’t happen very often (think weekend parties) so opt for a dress from the sale rack. You’ll be able to find something cheap and trendy that you also won’t have to worry about ruining from a spilled drink. Check out the trends at Forever 21 and be sure to use these Forever 21 coupons and deals.

Spend: Cocktail dress

As opposed to the trendy party dresses, cocktail dresses are an item you’ll want to invest in. A go-to dress works as a default outfit for any occasion, especially one in a dark shade fashion or jewel tone. Choose a knee-length style that will last for years. Check out these Ann Taylor coupons to pick from a great selection. An exception to the splurge rule? Casual sundresses, which rarely last more than a few seasons.

Save: Light jacket

For those chillier spring and fall days, you’ll want a light jacket such as a denim or leather pick. You can find a million styles that won’t break the bank and look just as trendy and expensive as some designer options out there. I personally own both a great denim and (fake) leather jacket to wear in between seasons. Check out the trends and use these Gap offers and deals to pick up a jacket today.

Spend: Work blazer

It’s difficult to stay focused on your work when you’re wearing an itchy, uncomfortable or ill fitting jacket. Be sure to spend a little more time and money to find the right blazer for you. Make sure the fit is right for your shape (you can button the jacket up, the shoulders aren’t too tight, the length is right) and that the style is appropriate for your industry. Banana Republic is a good go-to for office attire and you can use these Banana Republic coupons and deals on your next purchase.

Which items in your closet do you spend money on? What pieces of clothing are you willing to spend less for? Let us know!