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Target Photo Saving Tips

Target Photo is the perfect place for all your personalized gifts and home décor. With big deals throughout the year, you can save on the most thoughtful gifts and personal touches you can add to your home. You are in full control over the final product. Shop a variety of different products, finishes, and shipping options. 

  1. Check here for coupons and promo codes 

We work hard to bring together all the available coupon codes, promotions, and sales at Target Photo into one page. This includes all promotions available to the public. Check here before you pay to see all the available promotions. 

  1. Check Target Photo for a list of the current discounts 

Another way to shop for the latest collection of promo codes is to check the Target Photo site directly. At the top of the page, you will find a link called “Details & Promotions.” Clicking on this link will print up a pop-up box with a list of available promo codes that you can use. 

To apply a coupon, you will need to use these steps: 

  • Copy the coupon code 
  • Go to “Apply Discount Code” at the bottom of your cart. 
  • Enter the coupon code. 
  • Click “Apply Discount.” 

If you need to change the coupon, click “Cancel Coupon” and then enter a new coupon code in its stead. 

  1. Sign up for Target Photo’s newsletter 

There are special members-only discounts and promotions. To get these special promo codes, you will need to subscribe to the Target Photo newsletter. Do this directly on the Target Photo page. You do not need to create an account to subscribe to this newsletter. 

  1. Create an account with Target Photo or Target 

Another way to get members-only discounts and promotions is to create a Target account. You only need to create one account. You can use a Target account to log in to Target Photo and vice versa. It is easy and free to create an account with Target. 

  1. Join Target Circle to get rewards 

Once you have an account with Target, we recommend signing up for the Target Circle loyalty program. This free program allows you to start earning rewards as soon as you sign up. 

The benefits of signing up to Target Circle include: 

  • Special deals and offers directly to your inbox. 
  • A 5% birthday gift to use at Target. 
  • Get 1% back on all of your Target purchases. To get this, log in when you purchase at Target. If you’re shopping in the store, remember to enter your phone number at the checkout or show the cashier your Target Circle ID. 

If you had a Cartwheel membership, this is now known as Target Circle. You cannot apply for the Cartwheel membership any longer. 

  1. Don’t sign up to RedCard if you only want Target Photo 

If you regularly shop at Target, applying for either the debit or credit RedCard can be a great idea. However, if you don’t regularly shop at Target, it may not be worthwhile to open a RedCard. This is because you cannot use your RedCard or Target GiftCard as a payment method at Target Photo. 

  1. Wait for items to go on sale 

There are regular discounts and sales at Target Photo. If you don’t have the option to take a discount of your order, you are better off waiting. You can get 60% off specific product types or 50% off across the site. 

  1. Always apply a coupon before you checkout 

You must apply the discount coupon to get the sale deals you see online at Target Photo. If you don’t, you will not get the discount. To add the coupon, copy it from our list or the list on Target Photo and paste it into the Apply Discount Code box. 

If there are two options, then choose the largest option. 

For example, if you are buying a photo book, then you will want to use the SAVE60 code to take 60% off that qualifying item, not the SITEWIDE50 coupon that only allows you to save 50% off your order. 

Which coupon is best will depend on what is in your basket. If you only have items that qualify for the higher discount, then that is an easy choice. If you have one item that allows you to take 60% off, but the rest do not, you may save more overall by choosing the transaction coupon. 

It’s easy to cancel applied coupons. To cancel, you need to press the Cancel Discount button next to the same box that you entered your code. The page will refresh, and you can change the coupon to see what option saves you more. 

  1. Give yourself longer to get Economy delivery 

Shipping can be quite expensive at Target Photo. To get the cheapest delivery option, economy, you need to give yourself three weeks. This means you need to place your order three weeks before the date you need it. 

Economy delivery takes 10 to 13 business days to deliver. By shopping at Target Photo at least three weeks in advance, Target Photo should deliver your products with plenty of time. The other budget-friendly option, Economy Plus, takes between 8 to 13 business days to arrive. 

There are faster options, but note that the price increases more than 3x the economy price for rush delivery. Therefore, it is recommended you either shop early or give the gift later.