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Thanksgiving’s Unsung Hero: Canned Cranberry Sauce.

Growing up, Thanksgiving dinner was everything. I was such a foodie as a kids and I didn’t even know it. The sides after entrees after even more sides my mom and Grandma used to turn out were heavenly.

Decadent smoked turkey AND honey ham. Green bean casserole done perfectly with the crispy little onions and creamy mushroom base. Oh and the bread! Don’t even get me started on the bread.

But one thing my mother can tell you about my Thanksgiving yearnings is that they always include the easiest, quickest, most unabashedly Americana side dish ever: a can of cranberry sauce.

Now out there are those who somehow think throwing actual chunks of tart berries in there is a superb idea… for some reason. But my tastes revolve around texture. Don’t ask me why. But there’s something so amazing about the simple texture of plain, canned cranberry sauce.

Enjoy it like I do every year by appreciating it in its simple glory. Eat it by itself. It’s nearly a dessert in itself and balances the rest of your Thanksgiving dinner as a palate cleanser.

Happy Thanksgiving and start your can openers!

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