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Five Festive Fall Drinks to Try

Fall is officially here! Cooler temperatures and leaves falling everywhere are cause for celebration. What better way to start a new season than with a seasonal fall drinks?

While summer’s known for fruity fall drinks to cool off, fall is all about flavor. From apples to cranberries the ways you can shake up classic go-to fall drinks are endless. These five festive fall drinks bring out the best of fall and the best part is they’re all easy enough to make at home.

Apple-Cranberry Moscow Mules

Nothing says fall more than apples- whether you’re picking them or baking the fruit into a pie, apples are the essential fall fruit. So why not mix them into a drink with another taste of fall, cranberries? Update your classic Moscow Mule recipe by mixing vodka and ginger beer with cranberry juice and sparkling apple juice.

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(Spiced) Cider

A favorite fall activity of mine is curling up with a book and warm cider to drink. You can simply heat up your cider on the stove or in the microwave, and if you want to “spice” things up a bit you have the option to add some bourbon.

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Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Who says you have to wait until Thanksgiving to indulge in this classic dessert? This healthier recipe from Whole Foods is packed with vitamin A, potassium and fiber. Sprinkle a pinch nutmeg on top for presentation or even go as far to serve this drink in an orange glass.

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Apple Cider Mimosas

You know both apples and cider are so traditionally fall that they made the list twice. Update the brunch favorite mimosas for the season by adding apple cider to the champagne instead of the usual orange juice. For an extra decorative touch, wet the rims of the champagne glass and dip them in a cinnamon-sugar mix.

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Festive Cranberry Fizz

Step up your seltzer or soda game by adding a burst of seasonal cranberry flavor along with ginger and rosemary for additional layers of flavor. Pro tip: for an even stronger flavor, use fresh cranberries. You can also serve this drink during the holidays and winter season.

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