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Upcoming Hobby Lobby Sales

Hobby Lobby is famous for its many sales and promotions. Getting the most out of your Hobby Lobby purchase is as easy as waiting for a sale and checking to see if there are any additional coupons or promo codes that can help you save more on items in your basket or products that you have had your eye on.

We know you love a deal. Some hobbies can get very expensive, especially if you want to invest in better quality materials. Using this guide, you will know of the upcoming Hobby Lobby sales and save further with our expert tips.

What types of Hobby Lobby sales are there?

Hobby Lobby stocks over 70,000 products from various categories and offers plenty of sales on these.  

Home Décor sales

One of the most popular sales you’ll see at Hobby Lobby is the home décor sales. There are big sales at the start of every season so that you can get beautiful seasonal décor with some great deals.

The home décor sales may focus on the season or a room. You’ll find winter porch sales, bedroom sales, and so on. Expect décor and decorating items to be on sale. You can shop furniture, décor, and decorating materials like wallpaper often through a Hobby Lobby sale.

Product Line sales

Every so often, Hobby Lobby hosts big sales for specific product lines. For example, save up to 50% off The Paper Studio products, but not on all paper products. Similarly, you will find big sales like 50% off Sunny Side Up Bakery but not across all bakery items. These specific product line sales are always fun and the perfect way to stock up on your favorite craft items.

Party sales

Hobby Lobby often has sales that help you save on event planning. During these special sales, save big on planning everything from birthday parties to weddings. You can save on these specific lines and stuff the party in question full of pretty details and fun activities.

Opening sales

Whenever a new Hobby Lobby location opens, big doorbuster deals are in store to draw in the crowds and celebrate their launch. Staying up to date on the latest news in your area can help you take advantage of many big deals on all products.

Holiday Sales

There are big holiday sales that allow you to save on holiday-themed décor. You could save 40% off Valentine’s Day items like cards, bags, wrapping paper, and more.

Free Shipping Promotions

Alongside many big sales at Hobby Lobby, enjoy free shipping promotions on qualifying orders. You often need to spend a minimum amount after any other promotions in order to qualify for free standard shipping. For example, free shipping becomes unavailable if you reach the minimum spend but then add a discount code taking it below the minmium spend.

What are the biggest Hobby Lobby sales?

The biggest holiday sales are available in the lead-up to Christmas and after each season or holiday.

Post-Holiday Sales

After every season and holiday, find many big sales on seasonal décor. After the season, you can find up to 80% off seasonal décor. The same applies to the big holidays like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Shopping on Boxing day and the post-Christmas period are excellent ways to save. After Christmas, during the week following Boxing Day, find massive deals like 80% off remaining Christmas stock.

Christmas Sales

The Christmas sales themselves start in December, where you can start to shop Christmas décor and Christmas-themed crafts at 66% off. Find sales on décor in the lead-up to Christmas and on great Christmas gifts like craft kits in December.

During December, find 50% off kits, 50% off art supplies, and 50% off Christmas Crafts.

Shop Weekly Ad Deals

Hobby Lobby advertises all of its deals through its Weekly Ad. This Weekly Ad gives you the full overview. Save 50% on art, fabric, best-selling books, custom frames, jewelry making, and more. Save 40% on paper crafts, seasonal gifts, toys, and home décor. There are many big deals, and the best way to see all of them in one easy place is to sign up for the Weekly Ad.

It’s even easy to shop the ad online. On top of the Hobby Lobby weekly ad, you will see a “SHOP AD” button at the top. This makes it easy to see every item on sale.

How long do Hobby Lobby sales last?

Sales are common and don’t last long. Keep up to date with all the latest sales by keeping an eye on the Weekly Ad. Hobby Lobby stocks limited items in all their sales, so if you don’t want to miss out on something, be sure to get it quickly.

What year-round sales are there at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby has a clearance section that is available to shop every day. This section is full of last season’s items, discontinued items, and more. It is where you can always get great deals, especially if you like to save on holiday décor by shopping after the holiday ends. Being prepared and checking in to the clearance section often can help you find and buy amazing items at clearance prices before they are gone for good.

How can I save even more on a sale?

Always check for any coupons or promo codes here before you check out. You may be able to take off an additional discount or apply for free shipping with a promo code. It’s fast and easy, and it will help you save even more on sale items.