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Upcoming Home Depot Sales

Home Depot offers everything you need for home improvement on a budget. If you want your budget to stretch further, there are many sales, coupons, discounts, and more that will decrease your total. We have compiled a list of the biggest upcoming Home Depot sales and how you can save further with everyday deals and saving tips. 

What are the biggest upcoming sales at Home Depot? 

Spring Black Friday Sale 

Black Friday in spring? Home Depot has made a name for itself for its huge Black Friday sale that takes place away from the traditional day. You can save big on many spring essentials. Many of the deals you will find will be in their garden section. This spring Black Friday Sale has become more popular as time goes on. In the past, the sale lasted just one day. In 2019 it was 14 days long. In 2021 it was ten days long. 

Find big deals like $2 per mulch bag and multi-buy deals on other gardening products. 

Black Friday Sale 

Home Depot’s Black Friday Sale has lasted as short as four days and as long as 24 days. Expect savings between 25% to 35%. The best deals during their Black Friday sale are on Christmas Décor and power tools. In the past, they had 60% off inflatable Christmas decorations and a Buy-One-Get-One-Free deal on certain power tools.  

Memorial Day Sale 

You can find one of the biggest sales on paint, lawn care, patio furniture, and patio pavers during the Memorial Day time of year. You can save between 30% to 40% on these spring refresh items. 

Fourth of July Sale 

You can save 25% to 40% off grills, patio furniture, and lawn care just in time for the big holiday celebrations. You typically have around ten days to get to these deals, so don’t miss out. 

Labor Day Sale 

Save 20% to 40% on refrigerators and small kitchen appliances. Also, get deals on vanities, faucets, and bathroom linens. 

Winter deals 

Between January and March, find the best deals on bath remodeling materials. You can expect between 25% to 40% savings during their bath remodeling sale. 

Daily sales you should never pass up 

Home Depot has a Special Buy of the Day sale every day online that allows you to take off an additional 25% to 50% off various products. Home Depot only sells these products and offers this deal online. Stores won’t price match the Special Buy of the Day offer. 

You don’t have to worry. On top of a discount, you can usually get free delivery on your order. 

How else can I save when shopping at Home Depot? 

There are many ways to save every day when shopping at Home Depot. 

Subscribe to Home Depot Alerts and Special Clubs for 10 to 15% off 

Sign up for the Alerts and Special clubs if you want to get special offers right in the mail. You get automatic promo codes and discounts just for signing up. 

  • Earn a $5 off $50 coupon for signing up for Home Depot email alerts. 
  • Earn a $5 off $50 coupon for signing up for Home Depot text alerts 
  • Earn a $5 off $50 coupon for joining the Home Depot Garden Club 
  • Earn a 15% off coupon when you complete a Home Depot workshop. 

Save 5% on every order with a subscription 

If you need the same product again and again, save with a subscription. This applies to everyday home objects as well. You can save 5% on your air filter, for example. To sign up, you will need to buy the item online and set the item’s consistency. All items bought through Subscribe and Save come with free delivery. 

Return dead plants for a refund 

All trees, houseplants, shrubs, and perennials have a one-year guarantee. If the plant dies and you still have the original receipt, you can return it to Home Depot. 

How to find the lowest prices on products 

You’ll occasionally see products priced that end with a 3. For example, a product might be $4.03. If you see the three on a product, Home Depot will remove the product after three weeks. It is the lowest price it will ever be. This is a great way to save and a good way to know when you should stock up on an item. 

Save 70% on raw lumber that Home Depot has marked with purple 

You can save up to 70% off raw lumber if Home Depot has marked it with purple. You don’t have to hunt down these pieces as they are typically in a stack at the back of the store. Home Depot usually discontinues these items because it is leftover, warped, or damaged. 

Get your lumber and other items cut before you leave 

You can get your lumber cut professionally for free. Also, get electrical wire, rope, chains, wire shelving, and window blinds cut for free. 

Free items at Home Depot 

If you are moving or need storage boxes, ask the manager if any free moving boxes are available. Home Depot would have used these boxes initially in transit to bring the stock to the store. Many managers are happy to give them away, so you don’t have to buy their moving boxes. 

Also, recycle your batteries for free, get your carpet installed for free (for orders greater than $599), and get your paint mixed and retinted if you bought it from Home Depot. 

Get your tools repaired for free at Home Depot if your tools are still under warranty. 

Rent tools instead of buying them 

Finally, look to renting tools instead of buying them if you are a DIYer. It can be very expensive to buy the right tools if you will only use them for a few days. Save by renting the power tools and then returning them when you complete your project.