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Gorgeous Ways to Give to Charity

It’s no secret that keeping up with the latest beauty trends sometimes comes at a cost. But these beauty tips and savings are more than skin deep.

Look good, feel good, do good. That’s the new beauty motto we should all subscribe to. When you look and feel your best (whatever that may look like) you have the confidence to do your best.

So whether you prefer very little to makeup or are constantly watching beauty tutorials, we all want to put our best face forward. What’s even better is that while we feel great about our skin, we can feel good about the choices we make when shopping at any of these skincare and beauty stores.

Back to basics

Looking for your best skin ever? Take a good look at your products, and check out what ingredients are being used. Do you know exactly what every single one is, or can you at least pronounce everything? Taking your skincare routine back to basics is a good place to start.

Using products that don’t test on animals is a good first step as well. Paula’s Choice skincare is part of the Leaping Bunny program, which means not only have they eliminated animal testing from the company but also from ingredient suppliers.

If you wouldn’t put something on a bunny, would you put it on your face? Be sure to use these Paula’s Choice coupons, offers and deals to save on something beautiful.

Bold choices

Bright and bold lip colors are very trendy and for good reason. Everyone can pull them off, whether it’s a deep burgundy or classic red, and the burst of color gives an instant boost of confidence.

What if buying that bold lip color meant supporting a female beauty entrepreneur? What if that bright lipstick could help brighten someone’s future? With purchases from Sephora, you can. Sephora Accelerate is committed to building a community of female founders in beauty.

So not only will your purchase of that bright and bold lipstick empower you (as well as donate 2.5 percent to a cause), it can empower a woman who is working to build her business. You can learn more about the Sephora Stands program and save money using these Sephora coupons, offers and deals on your next purchase.

A gorgeous way to give

With pink being a classic shade, you can pick up some nail polish or lipstick colors that show off this hot color at Ulta Beauty. Not only can you buy pink products, you can also support pink- the Ulta Beauty Charitable Foundation supports and has raised over $14 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Want an extra dose of something beautiful? Be sure to use these ULTA coupons, offers and deals to donate to your favorite cause.

Whatever your beauty routine may be, you can positively impact someone else with your purchases at any of these merchants. We think that’s a beautiful thing.