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Coupons for Good: Unique Gifts That Also Give Back

Now that Thanksgiving has past, the holiday season is in full swing.

Everyone is out shopping trying to find that perfect, special gift for everyone on their list. But in trying to find something unique and different for everyone and visiting a hundred different stores selling versions of the same stuff, you end up just getting socks (which while practical, aren’t very fun. Unless it’s this pair.)

The holiday season should be about the special people in our lives (whether or not we have gifts to give them) and putting a personal touch on the unique gifts you give shouldn’t be difficult. These stores let you find something special for every unique person on your list, and give back in unique ways to their communities and more.


The online marketplace for unique goods, Etsy lets you find vintage goods, craft supplies and other handmade items you can’t find anywhere else from all over the world. Beyond reimagining commerce in a way that builds a more fulfilling and lasting world, the company also sees their social, environmental and business goals as inseparable. You can learn more about the company’s initiatives through their Coupons for Good page.


Featuring customizable and create-your-own products Zazzle is a great place to shop for unique gifts this month (or any time of the year!) You can choose to personalize anything from t-shirts to coffee mugs and more. The company has also partnered with LIFE Line to support Kenyan mothers and their families and launched Zazzle Heart, an initiative focused on sustainable work driving positive change around the world.


The original “buy one, give one” model company, TOMS sells shoes, eyewear, apparel and more. Whatever you purchase is donated to someone in need; just the beginning of this company’s philanthropic initiatives. They also focus on the environmental and social impacts of their products, uphold corporate responsibility standards and actively participate in giving back.


Know all those photos of that great trip you and your friends took that you have stored on your phone with the tiny screen? Or the ones from your parents anniversary party on your computer? Wouldn’t it be nicer if they could physically hold all those photos in one place? Shutterfly lets you print and share all your photos, create a photo book or make a holiday card. What’s even better is that they created the Shutterfly Foundation to help organizations and communities share motivational stories.

Ecocentric Mom

If there’s a new mom or a mom-to-be in your social circle or family, help make parenthood a little easier by subscribing them to Ecocentric Mom, a monthly gift box full of eco-friendly products for every stage of motherhood. You can learn more about the products that are great for the environment and other great things the company does on their Coupons for Good page.

So start crossing names off your list and get to shopping and giving back!