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Crate & Barrel Military Discount Guide

Crate & Barrel offers stunning and timeless furniture, home décor, kitchen, and entertaining items that will elevate your home and your gift-giving capabilities. Crate & Barrel stocks items to fit every budget and style. With so many items of such high quality, it can become a go-to for many families looking to invest in their homes and living spaces. 

Crate & Barrel is considered a medium to high-end brand. Making ends meet, especially if you are a reserve or veteran of the US military forces, can be difficult. We respect your sacrifice and have put together the complete guide on how active military personnel, veterans, and their families can save when shopping at Crate & Barrel. 

Does Crate & Barrel offer a specific military discount? 

No. There is no special discount at Crate & Barrel for military personnel, veterans, or their families. There may be a special promotion for veterans day or other holidays where military personnel, veterans, and their families can take a special discount off. This is not standard, and you will need to subscribe to the Crate & Barrel to stay up to date with the latest offerings. 

How can military personnel, veterans, and their families save when shopping at Crate & Barrel? 

The good news is that there are many ways to save when shopping at Crate & Barrel, even without a military discount. 

  1. Check here for coupons, discounts, and promotions 

Crate & Barrel regularly has a variety of promotions throughout the year. Check here for the latest collection of offers, discounts, and promotions. Most promotions at Crate & Barrel will already be applied to the price you see online or at checkout. Adding additional coupons can help you save on full retail-priced items and items that usually never go on sale. 

Checking here for any coupons and discounts before you checkout is fast and easy. It takes just a few seconds, and you could potentially increase the savings on your order. 

  1. Sign up for the newsletter 

You get 10% off just for signing up for the newsletter. You can apply this special coupon to any item in the Crate & Barrel store. The welcome discount is not the only benefit of signing up for the newsletter. 

Crate & Barrel has short-term and flash sales. These sales often help you save on premium brands that Crate & Barrel don’t usually include in regular sales. By signing up for the newsletter, you can stay informed of the latest deals and offers. 

Check here if you think you have missed an email. We keep track of all the offerings and deals in one place to make it easy to check the latest promotions at Crate & Barrel. 

  1. Get free shipping by shopping the Free Shipping category on Crate & Barrel 

Crate & Barrel does offer free shipping, but only for select products and lines. To shop these items, you will need to go online to the sale section. This section has a sub-category that allows you to shop items with a free shipping promotion. 

Some of these items may have discounts, but not all will. The free shipping promotion is not exclusive to sale-only items. Items that qualify for free shipping range from bedding to serve ware to even large items like furniture or barbecues. 

  1. Check the sales section first for the latest deals and discounts 

Crate & Barrel has a rotating sale section that updates with previous season’s items throughout the year. With so many timeless pieces, this means you can get great big deals every day of the year on your favorite pieces. 

The best part is that the sale section then goes on sale. These sales usually happen around the end of the season. You can expect up to 60% off sale items during these end-of-season sales. 

  1. Consider applying for the Crate & Barrel Mastercard 

If you find you shop at Crate & Barrel often and regularly spend hundreds at the store every month or year, then it may be worthwhile to apply for the Crate & Barrel credit card. There are two kinds of cards. You can apply for a credit card or the Mastercard. If you can always opt for the Mastercard option as this will give you all the benefits of a Mastercard on top of the Crate & Barrel rewards. 

As a Mastercard holder, you will be able to get 10% back on your Crate & Barrel purchases. You can redeem the 10% back for Reward Dollars, which is a special coupon you can use in-store or online towards your purchases. 

Also, get 2% back in Reward Dollars every time you buy groceries and 1% back on all purchases everywhere else. 

This can quickly add up. You can use up to 10,000 Reward Dollars in a year. 

On top of getting Reward Dollars back, buy big-ticket items with a special financing plan. This financing plan allows you to pay 0% interest on items over $749. You must pay back the amount in full by the end of the promotional period. If you do not pay off your purchase, you will need to pay all the interest you did not pay during the promotion and interest on all future months. 

You can only use one or the other with each purchase. You cannot get 10% back on your purchase if you are financing it, or vice versa.