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How to Combine Staples Coupons

Staples helps you save. It helps students, small businesses, and professionals save on essential office supplies every day. Staples offers weekly deals you can find through its Weekly Ad. It also offers big discounts and coupons to all of its rewards members. 

Coupons, in particular, are a great way to save at Staples. We know how important it is to make sure that you get big discounts every time you pay. We have put together everything that you need to know about Staples coupons, how to use them, and most importantly, how to stack them. 

What types of coupons are available at Staples? 

There are typically three types of coupons available at Staples. 

  • Overall order discounts 

These transaction coupons offer a discount on your entire purchase so long as you reach the minimum purchase requirement. 

  • Specific item discounts 

These product coupons offer a discount only on the valid item. Occasionally product coupons are for the highest-priced item in your basket, not a specific product. 

  • Rewards 

Rewards members get 2% or 5% back in rewards on their purchases. You can request that the rewards get sent to your address at any time, or your email. Use the coupon code to get an additional dollar discount on your order. 

Can I combine Staples coupons? 

Yes. Product coupons can be combined with other coupons if you meet the purchase requirements. Rewards members’ coupons can often be stacked or used with other offers. This is not a consistent policy. You will need to read the terms and conditions of your rewards member’s coupons to learn what you can or cannot do. 

You cannot stack together product and transaction coupons on electronic and tech purchases, gift cards, phone cards, postage stamps, direct mail services, custom orders, or promotional products. 

How many coupons can I use per order? 

You can use a maximum of 10 product coupons per order. You can only use 1 transaction coupon per order. You can use as many of your Rewards coupon codes per order. 

Can I use Staples coupons and promo codes on sale items? 

Not usually. Some coupons can give you an additional discount on sale items, but coupons and discounts are usually for regularly priced items. 

Can I use Staples Rewards and a transaction coupon? 

Yes. You can always use your Staples Rewards on any order, even orders with multiple coupon discounts. 

How can I use Staples Rewards towards my purchase? 

You have a few ways to receive and use your Staples Rewards. 

  • Receive your Rewards through email. 
  • Receive your Rewards through the mail. 

These rewards will come with special coupon codes that you can add to your order at any time and in conjunction with any other coupon. 

How can I add a coupon online? 

It’s easy to add coupons and promo codes to your online order. Click on the cart so that you get transferred to the checkout page. There is an “Add/Edit Coupons” button at the bottom of the page. Enter the coupon code and “Add Coupon”. Once added, you can click “Back to my order” to return to your cart. 

How can I use a coupon in-store? 

Print out the coupon or have it on your phone to show at checkout. You can get in-store coupons overridden if you don’t perfectly qualify for the coupon for any reason, but a manager must approve it. There is no guarantee that all managers will override a coupon. Most stores do not override coupons if they are not valid. 

Why isn’t my coupon working? 

There are many reasons why your coupon code may not be working. 

  • All coupons (including Rewards) expire. Check that your coupon has not expired. 
  • You have not met the purchase qualification for that coupon (for example, minimum purchase requirement). 
  • The terms and conditions of that specific coupon do not allow you to add more than one coupon at a time. 
  • Your coupon is only valid for online purchases. 
  • Your coupon is only valid for in-store purchases. 
  • Your coupon is not valid in your state. 

What are the limits to using coupons? 

There are a few limits to using coupons. You can use up to 10 product coupons per order. You can only use one transaction coupon per purchase. You may not be able to combine product coupons with a transaction purchase. You can only use a coupon code once. You cannot transfer coupons. 

What other ways can I save when shopping at Staples? 

You can save by shopping the Weekly Sales, waiting for a big sale like the Back to School sale, or the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

To gain access to many special coupons and sales, you should join the Rewards program. Joining immediately gives you access to special Rewards program discounts and coupons that cannot be transferred or used more than once. 

If you are a small business, you can save by subscribing to Staples Plus membership. This paid membership gives you no-minimum next-day delivery for free, a special discount on standard letter paper in an 8-ream case for an affordable $27.49. You also get 10% back in rewards when you buy ink and toner. You also get member savings on business essentials like coffee, paper, and even TurboTax. 

If you are a larger business, you can get bigger benefits by joining Staples Premium membership. This membership is designed around your business, and you must apply.