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Support World Fair Trade Day Shopping and Saving Today (& Every Day!)

This Saturday, May 13th, something pretty amazing will happen. People across five continents will join hands in celebration of World Fair Trade Day. These “Agents of Change,” as the World Fair Trade Organization describes participants, will create a global-wide human chain to show their support for those providing and buying fair trade products.

worldfairIn case you are not sure exactly what “Fair Trade” means, you’re not alone, making this day a great way to raise awareness for this important cause. “Fair Trade” stands for foods and products that are produced under very strict standards designed to end and prevent sweatshop labor conditions, to protect our environment, and to battle poverty. Various Fair Trade charities helping to support this practice include Fair Trade Resource Network and Domestic Fair Trade Association, as well as regional ones such as Chicago Fair Trade and Fair Trade Flagstaff.

Even if you’re not planning on joining the human chain tomorrow, you can show your support for this, or any cause, while saving bundles from the online stores you shop. Check out our top coupons, stores and exclusive savings trending now. And, if you you add Gumdrop to your browser (FREE), every time you shop you’ll instantly get and apply your best coupons, and have Goodshop’s donations sent directly to your cause automatically.

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More good news! If you prefer to celebrate World Fair Trade Day by shopping and saving with retailers also dedicated to eco-friendly causes, we’ve highlighted 4 fantastic sites that definitely fit the bill. Each stand in solid support of protecting our environment, our humanity and our personal well-being.



Patagonia’s mission says it all, “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” This hugely popular retailer sells a wide array of high-quality outdoor/adventure clothing and gear, and has a hard-earned reputation as being truly eco-conscious. Patagonia is dedicated to environmentally and socially responsible practices, and has a long history of promoting fair labor practices and safe working conditions throughout their supply chain. Buy Patagonia products and you’ll be supporting your world twice over, because Goodshop will donate up to 4% of your purchase price to any charitable cause you choose. Save and support with top Patagonia deals now.

The Bouqs Co.

thebouqs_couponsThe Bouqs online flower delivery service has managed to mesh Farm-to-Table flower arrangements with fast delivery and affordable pricing. Every arrangement is hand-crafted from only the freshest, organic flowers, cut and sent directly from the growers the day you order them. All of their farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming. Plus, Bouqs only cuts what they sell, unlike other delivery services that waste 1 out of 3 stems. Goodshop donates up to 6% of your purchasing price from Bouqs to the charity of your choice. See what Bouqs deals are blooming now!

The Natural Baby Company

the-natural-baby-company_couponsThe Natural Baby Company began as a small diaper store in a Montana garage. In 2008, they stumbled upon great success creating a line of eco-friendly parenting products to solve the daily needs of globally conscious families. Now, this widely popular site offers an array of cloth diapers, baby gear, natural feeding products, eco-friendly and sustainable dolls & toys, as well as environmentally friendly health & wellness products. And, Goodshop will donate up to 5% of your Natural Baby Company purchases to the cause of your choice. See the top coupons you can use to nurture your baby and your planet.

Be Natural Organics

be-natural-organics_couponsBe Natural Organics offer a wide array of premium organic and natural skin care. They feature USDA Certified Organic, Vegan and cruelty-free products that meet EWG good manufacturing standards. You’re sure to find eco-friendly products that not only fit your passion for the planet, but will leave your skin glowing and gorgeous no matter what daily cause you’re taking on. Plus, Goodshop will donate up to 5% of your purchases from Be Natural Organics to the charity of your choice. So, get gorgeous going global with these great deals.