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Five Favorite Flavorful Fall Ingredients

We are now right in the middle of the season, and maybe the shorter days are getting to you- and your cooking. But before the winter blues get you, there are plenty of recipes to try. Bust out of your mid-season slump by adding some flavor into your cooking!

Go beyond the tried and true pumpkins and apples, and try something new. From in season produce to spices that will warm up your taste buds, these five fall flavors are ones to try.


From fall to late winter pomegranate fruit graces our presence, and the seeds are the perfect addition to any salad or dessert. The tiny, ruby red seeds can brighten up any dish and add just the right amount of sweetness and crunch.

Brussels sprouts

While not at the top of everyone’s list of favorite food, brussels sprouts can actually be prepared in a number of ways to make them taste great. You can simply roast them with some garlic or try them with Dijon mustard. Or serve them with bacon or bratwurst. The options are limitless.


Move over pumpkin spice, there’s a new flavor in town. Maple is taking over as a popular fall flavor, and it comes as more than just syrup. Use maple as an alternative sweetener, or pick up a maple smoked cheddar cheese using these Vermont Country Store coupons. (Who would have thought cheese and maple would taste so good together?!)

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This cruciferous vegetable is surprisingly versatile. You can crumble it up to substitute for rice or make a pizza crust, or puree and mash it for a mashed cauliflower dish. Or you can use it in curries, soup, stews or simply roast with any toppings. Cauliflower now also comes in a range of colors so you can get creative and serve up a rainbow of delicious vegetables.

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Typically known as a spiced milk tea, chai is a flavorful sweet and spicy flavor. Chai tea or lattes are actually pretty easy to make. But there are also a ton of dessert recipes that include the spicy-sweet treat. From cookies and cheesecake to muffins and s’mores, chai is a great flavor to try this fall.

What recipes are you cooking up this fall? Let us know!