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How Does FragranceNet.com Rewards Program Work?

FragranceNet.com has been a trusted supplier of perfumes, cologne, hair care, and other beauty products for over 20 years. With over 40,000 genuine products at great discounts, Fragrancenet.com is the go-to destination for quality gifts and products delivered to your door. 

Expect big discounts on big-name and small brands alike. To save even further, you’ll want to become familiar with the many ways you can earn greater discounts or even cashback. 

Does FragranceNet.com have a standard rewards program? 

No. FragranceNet.com does not have a rewards program that allows you to gain points or discounts for regular shopping. However, FragranceNet.com does offer promo codes and coupons. Also, it has a subscription program, an influencer program, and an affiliate program. 

Sign up for Purpl Lux monthly subscription for great deals and discounts 

The Purpl Lux monthly subscription service is a great way to get quality items for less. It is ideal for those who love fragrances and want a way to get a great deal on a travel atomizer and case filled with a scent of your choice. Add the fragrance you want per month from the subscription to your shopping bag. Subscription can be as low as $9.95 per month if you opt for an annual subscription. If you want month-by-month, the subscription price is $14.95 per month. 

Can I get premium brands with the Purpl Lux monthly subscription? 

You can even get premium products through this subscription service. To get a premium brand, there is a small upcharge of $5, $10, $15, or $20, depending on the product. You will see the upcharge underneath the product in bold. 

Can I pause, resume, or cancel my subscription at any time? 

You can pause and resume your subscription at any time. You can cancel up to 2 business days before your next monthly shipment is processed by emailing FragranceNet.com directly. 

Do I have to pay shipping on my Purpl Lux monthly subscription? 

No. Shipping is always free for both the annual subscription and the monthly subscription. Shipping comes with a tracking number. 

Can I shop for both women’s and men’s fragrances? 

Yes. There is no restriction to what category you shop from. You can exclusively shop from the women’s fragrance section, mix it up, or shop only from the men’s category.  

How to join FragranceNet.com’s coupon and discount list 

Sign up to start earning additional coupons and promo codes directly to your email. All you need to do is sign up for Fragrancenet.com’s newsletter. Easily find this on their website towards the top half of the homepage. You can unsubscribe at any time, but being subscribed will give you access to all the latest news and promotions available at FragranceNet.com. See the fine print to learn where you can use these coupons. You can only use some coupons online. 

It can be easy to miss emails from FragranceNet.com. To avoid missing big promo codes and other coupons, you will visit our page. We scour the internet and newsletters to find the latest deals and promo codes for FragranceNet.com. 

How to join FragranceNet.com’s Affiliate Program 

Affiliate programs allow you to earn money every time you refer someone to FragranceNet.com and they make a purchase. If you are a budding beauty blogger or influencer, this can be an excellent way to access quality products and get money back for your efforts. 

Also, being a part of the Affiliate Program means that you can host brand names and small brand products on your blog or website. You don’t need to stock any of your products “sell” through your website. When a customer places an order on your website, FragranceNet.com processes the order. You get a percentage of the sale as your commission. 

How can I join FragranceNet.com’s Affiliate Program? 

You will need to first join The Rakuten Affiliate Network to join the affiliate program. This requires a simple registration and opens you up to various affiliate programs. To sign up for FragranceNet.com’s affiliate program, select the posted offer on The Rakuten Affiliate Network. 

Is it free to join FragranceNet.com’s Affiliate Program? 

Yes. It is free to join The Rakuten Affiliate Network and FragranceNet.com’s Affiliate Program. 

How do you earn money through the Affiliate Program? 

The Rakuten Affiliate Network keeps track of traffic and calculates the commissions you are owed based on customers who buy FragranceNet.com products from your site or link. FragranceNet.com gives monthly statements regarding the commission payments you have earned. 

How much can you earn? 

Affiliated marketing is a great way to earn money for beauty bloggers and other influencers. How much you earn depends on which Rakuten Affiliate Marketing level you have. Those who are Rakuten Affiliate Pros typically earn a 30% commission on products purchased via their links. Standard network commission rates start between 3% to 7%. Expect it to start lower and increase over time. 

How to collaborate as an influencer with FragranceNet.com 

Another great way to save on products from FragranceNet.com is to rate and review their products. You will need to apply to do this. They have an easy signup form requiring you to enter your details, your social media accounts, your niche, and anything else you would like them to know about you and your personal brand. 

You may get free products for review or may even be able to establish a longer-standing relationship with them as a FragranceNet.com influencer where you receive free products. With time, you stand a chance of getting paid for your marketing campaigns.