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How to Combine Old Navy Coupons

Old Navy has one of the best and most generous coupon policies out there. Old Navy is very coupon-friendly. They offer the ability to stack coupons and provide many ways to get coupons. Everyone has access to big deals and coupons by checking here for the latest coupons or signing up for the newsletter. 

Here you can find all the available coupons and information you need to know about coupons at Old Navy. 

Can I stack Old Navy coupons? 

Yes. Combine up to 3 coupons per purchase at Old Navy. It is not possible to stack every coupon at Old Navy. The easiest way to see if a coupon can be combined is to add it to your final checkout. If it does not work, you know that you cannot use that specific coupon with others. 

The other way to learn if you can stack a coupon or not is to read the terms and conditions. Some coupons stack, some do not. Some coupons allow you to take an additional discount off sale items, others do not. 

Can I stack discounts at Old Navy? 

Yes. Old Navy has special discount sales on its clearance items. These sales allow you to take an additional percentage (15% to 35%) off clearance items. You will find these sales throughout the year. The most popular time for these types of sales is after Christmas and during the end-of-season sales. 

Are there special coupons for Navyist Rewards members? 

Yes. Navyist members and Navyist cardmembers both get exclusive discounts and coupons to use. Earn Old Navy Super Cash by shopping during promotion periods. 

How do I use my Navyist Rewards points? 

If you are a Navyist Rewards member, you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in store. There are special bonuses and perks that allow you to earn more points throughout the year. For example, there is a quarterly bonus that allows Navyist members extra points 4 times a year. 

There are three Navyist Rewards tiers. Navyist cardmembers start at the second tier, and free members start on the third and bottom tier. 

To use Navyist Rewards points, you need to enter the code in the “Promo and Rewards Codes” as you check out. Show your Rewards code to the cashier when checking out in-store. 

How do I use my Old Navy Super Cash? 

Super Cash is another coupon that you can use at Old Navy. To use Super Cash, you will need to first earn the Super Cash during qualifying purchases. Once you have the Super Cash, you will need to reach the minimum purchase. 

You can only use one Super Cash coupon per purchase. You cannot combine Super Cash coupons with any other coupon. You cannot get change for your Super Cash. Convert Super Cash into Navyist Rewards points to use them that way. 

Are there sign up coupons? 

Yes. If you sign up for the newsletter, you get a 20% off coupon to use. You get a $5 off $35 coupon if you sign up for text alerts.

How do I use coupons online? 

To use coupons online, you need to take the coupon code and paste it into the coupon into the “Promo and Rewards Code” box. You can add up to three on any one order and see the discounts stack on top of each other. 

Use this same process if you are shopping on the Old Navy app. 

How do I use coupons in-store? 

There are some coupons that you can use in-store. These coupons typically do not offer the same discounts as the online coupons do. You will need to show the coupon to the sales associate at checkout to use these coupons. 

Why are online coupons better than in-store coupons? 

Old Navy offers better deals, discounts, and coupons for online shoppers. To save, it is always better that you shop online instead of in-store to get the best discounts. If your total order is less than $50, thanks to all of your discounts, you can send it to be picked up in-store for free. 

Why isn’t my coupon working? 

There are many reasons why your coupon might not be working. 

  • The coupon is only available for online purchases. 
  • The coupon is only available for in-store purchases. 
  • You haven’t reached the minimum qualifying purchase (Super Cash specific). 
  • The coupon expired. 
  • The coupon does not include sale items. 
  • The coupon has already been used. 

What happens if I return an item I bought with a coupon? 

If you return an item that you purchased with a coupon, you will get the price you paid back, not the price before discounts. You have 45 days to return the item. You can return the item either in-store or by mailing it back. 

Can I price adjust items I bought with a coupon? 

No. If you bought an item with a coupon, Old Navy will not offer a price adjustment. Price adjustment is only available on items purchased without coupons or rewards points. 

How else can I save at Old Navy? 

You can save at Old Navy by waiting for the sale seasons. There are multiple sale seasons throughout the year. These mid and end-of-season sales offer the biggest discounts. These sales are so frequent that it is best to wait for them instead of buying items for the regular price. Sales usually start in just 4 to 6 weeks of items being first available.