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Old Navy Military Discount Guide

Active and reserve military personnel, veterans, and their families can save when shopping at Old Navy. Make your budget go further and enjoy better deals at Old Navy with a military discount, sales, and coupons. There are many ways to save when shopping at Old Navy and the other three sister stores, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta. 

We know how much you love a deal and how important it is to save. That is why we have put together this complete guide on how military personnel, veterans, and their families can save when shopping at Old Navy. 

Does Old Navy offer a military discount? 

Yes, get a military discount at Old Navy. This discount is available to active, retired, and reserve military personnel and their family members. 

How can I get the military discount at Old Navy? 

To get the military discount at Old Navy, you must present your ID to a store associate. It is only available in-store as they do not have an online system to verify your identity like SheerID. 

How often can I use this discount? 

This discount is available every day at the Old Navy stores, and you can apply it per purchase. 

What is the military discount? 

You get 10% off your order with the military discount. 

What other ways can military members and their families save when shopping at Old Navy? 

Old Navy is a haven for coupon lovers and those who want or need discounts. Old Navy has mid and end-of-season sales, big deals on Black Friday, and big Boxing Week sales. On top of these sales, there are many promotions and coupon discounts. 

Types of sales at Old Navy 

There are a few different sales at Old Navy. 

  1. Mid-season sales. 
  2. End of season sales. 
  3. One Day Deal sales. 
  4. Black Friday sales. 
  5. Discount on clearance sales. 

The discounts and offerings are often very generous. With mid and end-of-season sales, you will find the biggest discounts near the end of the period. 

The spring sales occur between April 15 and June 1. The summer sales occur between July 15 and September 1. The fall sales occur between October 15 and December 1. Winter sales are between January 15 and March 1. 

This means that there are sales on at Old Navy more often than not. Always wait for items to go on sale instead of buying them at regular price. 

Rewards programs at Old Navy 

There are three main rewards programs at Old Navy. 

  1. Navyist Rewards. 
  2. Navyist Cardmember Rewards. 
  3. Old Navy Super Cash. 

Navyist Rewards and Old Navy Super Cash are free to join. You earn Super Cash on qualifying purchases, and Navyist Rewards is free to sign up to online. You can even convert Super Cash into Navyist Rewards to keep everything in one place for easier shopping. Converting points is useful as you can use those points at any of the Gap Inc. brands. 

What is Navyist Rewards? 

Navyist Rewards is a free rewards program that allows you to earn points on every purchase at Old Navy. You will get 1 point per $1 spent. 100 points becomes $1 in rewards for you to spend at Old Navy. 

There are bonus periods. Get up to 2000 points just by shopping with your rewards account at all four brands. You will get a birthday bonus and a quarterly bonus. 

What is Navyist Cardmember Rewards? 

If you apply for the credit card at Old Navy, you get 5 points for every $1 you spend. You get bigger bonuses and perks as well. If you have a Gap Visa credit card, you can earn points to spend at Gap Inc. brands every time you shop with $1 spent outside of Gap Inc. brands becoming 1 point. 

What is Old Navy Super Cash? 

Old Navy Super Cash are special coupons you earn for shopping at Old Navy. To use these coupons, you need to reach the minimum spend. You can’t use Super Cash with any other coupon, even though Old Navy usually allows you to stack coupons. 

How can I save with coupons? 

It’s easy to save with coupons. Navyist Rewards members get exclusive discounts and coupons sent to their inbox. For all regularly available coupon codes, you can check here. We keep track of all the latest coupons and promotions to make it easy to apply coupons at checkout. 

The best coupon deals are online. Usually stack up to 3 coupons each time you shop. There are some exclusions. Some coupons will not combine with any other offer, so you may need to try out different coupon combinations to find the biggest savings. 

Is it cheaper to shop online or in-store? 

It is always cheaper to shop online than it is in-store. Online Old Navy offers bigger deals and better discounts through coupons and promotions. You may be able to get items price matched at your local Old Navy store, though this is not a guarantee as it is up to the manager’s discretion. If you don’t qualify for the free shipping, you can get your order sent to a nearby store, where you can pick it up for free. 

How do I get free shipping? 

Old Navyist Enthusiast and Icon members get free shipping on all orders. Otherwise, you have to spend at least $50 to get free shipping on your order.