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3 Companies Making College More Affordable

College is often dubbed as some of the best years of your life. Between meeting new people, opportunities to join new activities and finding a career or path to travel, college is an exciting experience.

Unfortunately due to rising tuition costs not everyone gets the chance to go to university. These companies want to change that though. They offer tuition assistance to employees going through college programs or offer discounted textbook rentals and make a difference another way. Check out these three companies that give back to students!

Campus Book Rentals

Every college student knows buying textbooks can be ridiculously expensive. Why pay hundreds of dollars for something you may not even use after the semester? So instead of falling prey to your campus bookstore “deals,” Campus Book Rentals offers students the affordable option of renting textbooks.

Each year Campus Book Rentals chooses a different cause to support for their make a difference project. They have supported everything from underprivileged elementary schools to most recently, Operation Smile, an organization which performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families are not able to affordable such surgery.

Campus Book Rentals’ mission is guided by the question of how to make education more affordable. Not only do you save money using these Campus Book Rental coupons, offers and deals but you also help students access affordable education.

Home Depot

If you’re planning any home improvement projects or updates, be sure to check out the Home Depot. The company offers tuition reimbursement to salaried and hourly workers. They also cover half of tuition costs, textbooks and registration fees for any level of education from an associate to a doctoral or technical degree.

Be sure to use these Home Depot coupons, offers and deals on your next purchase to help out students.


HP provides college students everywhere with laptops, printers, ink and more technology tools they need to succeed. The company is constantly creating new products and technology to push innovation forward. For every purchase you make at HP, the company makes a donation to a nonprofit or school of your choice. To date, they have donated almost $12 million. The K-12 HP Technology for Teaching grant initiative supports effective uses of technology in public schools. The grant allows any student the opportunity to learn about new topics and prepare them for success in college.

Whether you’re a student who is always on-the-go or work best at a desk, you can find great deals on all the resources and items you need with these HP coupons, offers and deals.

Do you shop at any of these companies or other stores that support students? Let us know!