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Hobby Lobby Christmas Sales

Hobby Lobby has you covered for Christmas. Find everything that you need at Hobby Lobby to decorate your home. Make the seasonal magical for your kids by getting Christmas-themed crafts and activities. You can even find many excellent gifts. Shop over 70,000 products online and in-store, and you can get most if not all of your Christmas shopping done at once.

Hobby Lobby is a discount lover’s best friend. With so many ways to save you can get big discounts on your shopping at any time of the year. Knowing how to save in the lead-up to Christmas is even more important. It can be tricky to save during this period, so we have put together everything you need to know about Hobby Lobby Christmas sales and how to get even bigger discounts on your purchases.

When are the Christmas sales at Hobby Lobby?

There are several sales you can shop in the lead-up to Christmas.

Black Friday sale

For many Christmas, shopping begins on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Hobby Lobby does offer Black Friday deals. These are hardly the doorbuster discounts you may expect. If you want the best sales, it is better to sign up for their newsletter and Weekly Ad to jump on big discounts for the products you want. There are sales throughout November and December, so keep an eye throughout the season and not just during Black Friday.

66% off Christmas décor and crafts

You will find there are big discounts of up to 66% throughout the season on rotating products throughout the season. Stay up to date with the latest Christmas deals by checking up on the Weekly Ad.

What are the regular sales at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby has regular sales throughout the month. There is always something on sale when you shop at Hobby Lobby, and to get the best deals this Christmas, you will want to know the regular sale schedule.

  • Hobby Lobby always has discounts on furniture, wearable art, custom frames, and books. You will often see around 30% off for these items, but as they always sport the discounted price, wait until you see bigger savings or the item is on clearance for a good deal.
  • Craft items, jewelry-making products, and jewelry go on sale once every three weeks. You are sure to find great sale items and deals in the lead-up to Christmas by shopping at the right time in December.
  • Home décor goes on sale every other week.

Another top tip is that the sales change out on Saturdays. By shopping online or in-store on Saturdays, you will find the largest number of deals at a time.

How can I stay up to date on Christmas deals at Hobby Lobby?

To get the best deals on your Christmas shopping, you will want to spread out your gift and décor shopping throughout the season. This is how you can get sale prices on a variety of products.

Check here for coupons

Check here for the latest deals and coupons. While you can only typically use coupons and promo codes on regularly priced items, these can increase your overall online and in-store discount.

Sign up for the newsletter

Stay up to date with sales and new products by signing up for the newsletter at Hobby Lobby. The craft store sends this newsletter to your email, so it’s easy to stay up to date on the latest at Hobby Lobby.

Sign up for the Weekly Ad

To always know the available deals at Hobby Lobby, sign up and check for the Weekly Ad. This Weekly Ad can be found and shopped easily online. If in-store, pick up the Weekly Ad when you enter to know what is on sale. If what you want is on sale but is out of stock, you can rain-check the item. To do this, you will need to ask a sales representative in the store.

When are the after Christmas sales at Hobby Lobby?

While you can get decent deals on Christmas-themed items before Christmas, the best time to save is after the holiday. Get Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, and other Christmas-themed décor for up to 80% off after Christmas. You won’t enjoy these new additions this Christmas, but Hobby Lobby helps you to prepare for next year.

The after Christmas sales start just after Christmas and technically can continue until Hobby Lobby is out of stock. This is because there is a holiday décor clearance section that you can shop online and in-store. Clearance items are there for as long as stock lasts, so snap them up quickly.

How can I save even more at Hobby Lobby?

Waiting for sales is the best way to save when shopping at Hobby Lobby in the lead-up to Christmas. There are ways to increase your savings further.

The 10% charity, school, and church organization discount

If you are shopping for décor or crafts for your school or charity organization, you can get an additional 10% off your order in-store. To get this discount, you need a check or an organization credit card. Also, you need to get a manager to approve the transaction as most cashiers cannot.

15% employee discount

Employees get an additional 15% off their purchases at Hobby Lobby. If saving on art and crafts supplies is important for you throughout the year, you may want to consider a part-time position so that you can get the 15% discount.

10% off damaged items

If an item is significantly damaged, you can get an additional 10% off for it. You need a manager’s approval to get this deal.

Clearance items

The final way to save is by shopping the clearance section. Hobby Lobby marks these with red stickers in-store. Look out for their clearance section online.