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When to Save and When to Spend: College

We’ve all heard the phrase “quality over quantity.” But how often do we apply this to our everyday purchases, and when should we? There is a time for everything, including when to save money and when to spend it. We’ve covered which clotheshome decor and even kitchen items you should and shouldn’t spend money on.

Whether you’re a freshmen finishing up their first semester on campus or a fifth-year senior, college students are notoriously broke. But there are ways to save money and still enjoy college. Remember there’s a difference between being cheap and having spending savvy. These tips (and coupons) will help you save some money next semester!

Save: Books

Every student knows that renting your textbooks instead of buying new ones for every class is the way to go. Why keep a book you’ll only use for a few months, never to be read again? For more savings, be sure to use these Campus Book Rental coupons, offers and deals. Also try to sell last semester’s books back, either through your campus bookstore or directly to other students.

Spend: Public transportation

Not that you should spend large amounts of money on public transportation, but owning a car is more expensive than buses, biking or walking. Check if your school offers any discounts for public transportation options, or look into getting a bike. You can use these Sports Basement coupons, offers and deals to find a discount on a secondhand bike.

Save: Sell, sell, sell

Sell what you no longer need. From books to clothes, if anything you own is in good enough condition you can easily make some extra cash. thredUp is a great way to sell clothes. Be sure to use these thredUp coupons, offers and deals if you want to spend any of your hard earned cash on gently used clothes.

Spend: Rent, rent, rent

While it may be tempting to live off campus with friends, make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Be sure to find a good rental price and split costs with roommates. Alternatively, living on campus as a resident advisor in the dorms saves you even more money as the university pays for your room and board.

Save: Student discounts

Along with children and the elderly, students can get some of the best discounts almost everywhere. Museums and theaters offer free or reduced admission, restaurants have group dining options and travel agencies like STA Travel can hook you up with cheap flights. Be sure to use these STA Travel coupons, offers and deals to find even more ways to save on traveling as a student.

Spend: Campus fitness

Most campus gyms or fitness centers are free for students. If there are any additional costs (group classes, recreational trips, equipment), put money towards this. Now is one of the few, and possibly only time where fitness costs will be free or at least cheaper. Start investing in your health now to start building up good habits.

Setting a budget now and learning to stick to it will help you build better financial habits for the future. Any college students out there learning how to budget for the first time? What do you choose to spend your money on, and what do you save money on? Let us know!