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Your Essentials Guide for Music Festivals

Music festival season is fast approaching with the first weekend of Coachella starting tomorrow. Now that you know which festivals you’re going to and who’s playing where, now is the time to figure out what to bring. You wouldn’t want unexpected thunderstorms to rain on your parade or uncomfortable shoes to slow you down.

Whether you’re a festival first-timer or this is your 100th time, roughing it a country festival or partying it up at Electric Daisy Carnival, we have the essentials you should bring.


This is number one on the list because we cannot stress enough the importance of staying hydrated. The last thing you want is to pass out from heat exhaustion, wake up in a medic tent and miss your favorite performer. Pack a reusable water bottle to cut down on plastic waste and to avoid paying ridiculous amounts of money for one bottle of water. Or use a CamelBak so you water is strapped to your back and hands-free accessible.

Rain gear

Rain gear should be an essential, non-negotiable item. Even if the forecast calls for sunshine all weekend, at least bring a poncho. Yes, a poncho rather than an umbrella. They’re usually large enough you can cover your entire body and maybe even your bag too. Plus you’ll definitely be making a fashion statement.

Dry shampoo

If you’re going to a festival where showering costs extra, opt for dry shampoo instead. It may even be better for your tresses to skip washing for a few days. Pack a travel size of your favorite dry shampoo or a larger bottle if you’re sharing with friends. Also bring a hat, bandana or head wrap  to cover your hair if you think it’s particularly nasty. Or just to use as protection from the sun.


You’ll be standing out in the sun, all day long, with no cover. Would you rather carry around a bottle or deal with painful, burnt shoulders when you get back?


Carry cash so if your credit or debit cards are stolen or lost, you’ll have a back up. Carry your money in an accessible, hands-free pouch you can keep close to your body. Fortunately fanny packs are in style again.

External battery pack

While many festivals have charging stations and outlets, expect on long lines. Have your own external phone battery ensures your phone won’t die on you. Especially in dire times when your group has split up and you don’t have to rely on screaming your generic friend’s name (Ashley, Katie, Eric, Mark- there’s at least one in every group) into a massive crowd all screaming the words to Beyoncé.


The right attitude

You came to have a good time, so bring good vibes and the right attitude. Wear something crazy, get creative, relax and enjoy the music. Festivals are about the music and the company you’re with.